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D. O. Tel attempts to make more systematic approach on th market which continues to develop and rapidly change by operating an effective partner program. The partner program of D. O. Tel is steadily getting improved based on the close investigation of the cases related to the best partner program in the industry and the feedback of partners currently being managed.

The partner program of D. O. Tel is focused on the maximum profit of the partners. It pursues an accompanied growth with the partners by supplying various sales/marketing data and the products of best standard in the industry that can create and secure new business opportunities through a partner program which is systematically set up by each region along with various partner support programs.

  • vad
    VAD : Value Added Distributor
    It stands for a partner which enables professional service of a comprehensive concept responsible for even sales / marketing / training as well as the existing distribution and sales.
  • vad
    ISSP : Industrial Solution Service Partner
    It stands for a partner which possess the ability to provide the solution in the independently possessed specific industrial field for the end user on the D. O. Tel products at the same time.
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