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As a total solution provider in the AUTO-ID industry,
KC Industrial Co., Ltd. has been devoting best efforts to all.

Embedded System Development, Enterprise Mobility PDA, Set-Top Box, Automobile Navigations and Mobile Point-of-Sales Units since 1999. Experienced in Auto-IT Solutions, Home-Automation, Factory Automation and Telematrix Logistics.

Our core technology is based on a CPU module, providing solutions for various needs in the market and support for our partners with a flexible and strategic approach. Specialized in OEM and ODM for our clients’ requirements for enterprise mobility units, automobile navigation systems and the growing market of UHF RFID.

KC Industrial Co., Ltd. is open to any and all clients who wish to expand their business in the IT field.

Take your first step into the 4th Industrial Revolution with DOT!

Business Areas

  • Planning/Manufacture of the Finished Product of PDA

    • An industrial PDA that can be used under extreme environment
    • Combination of 1D/2D barcode &RFID Tag scan, communication and WLAN, implementing a perfect Mobility
    • Optimized for each used environment, providing the best ROI and TCO
    • Product planning and manufacture applied on distribution, military, warehouse management and Sales Force Automation
  • Manufacture of PDA CPU Module

    • Development and supply of the first commercial CPU module in 2002
    • A revolutionary reduction of the period from development to sales on the industrial PDA and the related products
    • Currently supplying to the major companies of PDA and related products
  • Development/Manufacture of RFID Module/Antenna

    • Development and manufacture of RFID and module satisfying various standards and Protocols by each country
    • Flexible planning of the related products with professional development personnel
    • Developing and supplying modules and antennas that are equivalent to the new frequency standard of Japan
    • Able to mount RFID Reader on all retained PDA product types

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